Ghost of Sparta brings the bonuses

by: Jeremy -
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Sony is looking to offer a ton of bonuses with the upcoming PSP exclusive God of War: Ghost of Sparta. In addition to the special edition packs being offered and even the PSP bundles being constructed, Sony has also announced some special content that will be offered in limited quantities that will link the new game to the PS3 game from earlier this year from the same series. These bonuses have been revealed over at the official PlayStation Blog.

For a limited time, specially marked copies of the Ghost of Sparta game will contain a download voucher to unlock a special skin for use in the PlayStation 3 game God of War 3. The code will unlock Kratos’ brother Deimos, and will give players four times the amount of health, magic, and God orbs during their play. The skin will also be included with specially marked PSP bundles as well.

Additionally, gamers who preorder the game from participating retailers will get access to an exclusive skin for use in the PlayStation Portable game. Preorder offers include a voucher to unlock an exclusive Legionnaire skin for Kratos, decking him out in full Spartan armor as if he was an extra in the movie 300.

Check out the latest trailer for God of War: Ghost of Sparta below, which will give you some insight on the storyline from the new game. It appears that this game will tell us the story of Deimos, whom we will soon have access to in God of War 3:

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