Ghost Recon: Future Soldier getting a prequel... movie

by: Jeremy -
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 There is going to be a gap in time between the last Ghost Recon game and the new one, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.  In order to fill that gap, and bring players up to speed to the new game's setting(s), Ubisoft is joining forces with Oscar-winning filmmakers Francois Alaux and Herve de Crecy.  The duo just recently took home and Oscar award for their animated short entitled "Logorama", which is worth seeing if you have not already seen the movie.
The filmmaking duo and Ubisoft will be producing a 20 minute live action film to set the stage for the new game.  The project is rumored to have an $8-$10 million budget, which should allow them to pull off something quite nice.  This will mark the second time that Ubisoft has preceeded an upcoming game with a film for marketing purposes.  Last November, Assassin's Creed 2 was introduced via a short film entitled "Lineage".  
Both the movie and the game are expected by the Holidays this coming year.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter