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by: Sean Colleli -
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Steam isn't the only show in town with great digital deals. GetGames is slashing prices this weekend on several popular titles. This includes COD Modern Warfare Mac at 50% off, Shogun 2's DLC bundle is $12.49, Arma II and Operation Arrowhead double pack is $29.99, and if you missed Steam's big Deus Ex weekend you can still get Human Revolution for $7.49 from GetGames. I'd make a joke about getting it while the getting's good, but...
Hello folks,

Weekend deals are here from Get Games! Thanks in advance for getting the news out for your readers about these kickass deals on!

· Deus Ex: Human Revolution: 75% OFF will be ($7.49)

· Shogun Total War 2: 75& OFF will be ($9.99)

· Fall of the Samurai: 60% OFF will be ($11.99)

· Shogun 2 DLC Bundle: 50% OFF will be ($12.49)

· Arma II & Operation Arrowhead: 25% OFF will be ($29.99 for the double pack)

· Call of Duty Modern Warfare MAC: 50% OFF

These will start at 5pm Friday BST and end at 11am Monday BST.
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