Get your umbrella! Droplitz is coming to XBLA, PSN, PC, and iphone/ipod touch

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Atlus is bringing a new puzzle game (are any puzzle games really new?) named Droplitz to Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, PC (no particular service named), and iphone/ipod touch. Rather than go on and on describing the game or how it compares to other puzzlers (or other games with titles that end in Z) Atlus kind enough to release a trailer for Droplitz so you can let your own descerning eye be the judge. The most notable feature of the game play stated in the press release is a game mode that will "...let[s] you blow things up". Please keep the pipe bomb jokes to a minimum.
Atlus drops it like it's hot with Droplitz for XBLA, PSN, PC, and iPhone
First off, Droplitz is not an RPG, Faithful--   --Hey, where's everyone going?  Droplitz is a fun, addictive puzzler that rewards the quick thinker... Ok, seriously, where is everyone going, give it a chance!   So, droppers at the top of the screen drip incessantly, slowly at first, then increasing in rate as you continue to play.  At the bottom of the screen are collectors intended to catch the dropping droplitz before they meet their gravity-induced demise.
In between the droppers and collectors is a play field of circular dials, each studded with a variety of pipe configurations.  Some are "Y" dials, others are "I" dials, and so forth.  Spinning with haste, you must make connections between the top and bottom of the screen, so that the droplitz, everyone's favorite free-flowing liquid, don't come to a splattery end.
That's the simple explanation.  It doesn't even touch on the fact that you can create multiple branches to the bottom (c-c-combo breaker!), or try one of four different play modes (one lets you blow things up).
Available on Xbox LIVE® Arcade, PlayStation®Network, Windows PC, AND iPhone, Droplitz is a game that anyone can play and enjoy.  Tell a friend, Faithful.  For the love of everything good, tell a friend!   Look for Droplitz to drop soon!
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