Get your dinosaur killing fix by preordering Primal Carnage

by: Sean M -
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Have you always wanted to take down some dinosaurs in the most absurd ways possible? Primal Carnage might be for you.

Lukewarm Media has just announced that gamers will now have the chance to pre-order their upcoming game Primal Carnage for $14.99. By doing so, players will be given a Steam key that will grant them access to the closed beta, and well as an exclusive feathered raptor skin.

If you are unfamiliar with Primal Carnage, here are some of the game's features:
  • Five large, open environments in which to team up and take down the human or dinosaur competition online
  • 10 playable classes (five human, five dinosaur) each with unique skills and abilities that can trump each other in a rock-paper-scissors fashion
  • Play from both first-person (humans) and third-person (dinosaurs) perspective
  • Multiple achievements, unlockables and planned DLC
If you would like to know more, check out the Primal Carnage website here.

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