Get ready to take old classics into a new dimension this summer.

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What's the one thing missing from classic games like Pac-Man and Galaga?  If you answered THE THIRD DIMENSION, then you would be correct.  All that changes, however, this summer with the release of PAC-MAN & Galaga Dimensions on the Nintendo 3DS.

PAC-MAN & Galaga Dimensions will include PAC-MAN Championship Edition and Galaga Legions and will weave modern concepts into their classic old-school gameplay.  The brand new PAC-MAN Tilt and Galaga 3D IMPACT, will also be included, and are designed specifically to take advantage of the 3DS' extra-dimensional capabilities.  You'll be able to tilt PAC-MAN'S world from side to side to solve the various puzzles, while Galaga 3D IMPACT, places you in the role of gunner going against waves of aliens. That game will utilize the 3DS' internal gyroscope to aim and shoot at enemies.

PAC-MAN & Galaga DIMENSIONS is set for release this summer.  Until then check out the ever expanding network of user created mazes to create and play here.

 The new screen shots highlight PAC-MAN® Championship Edition™, and Galaga® Legions as well as the original PAC-MAN® and Galaga® arcade games included in PAC-MAN & Galaga DIMENSIONS for the Nintendo 3DS™ system.

PAC-MAN Championship Edition and Galaga Legions seamlessly weaves modern concepts into the classic PAC-MAN and Galaga gameplay loved by millions fans over the past 30 years. By combining new and classic game design, PAC-MAN Championship Edition and Galaga Legions set the bar for what a remake of a classic arcade video game should be. For players looking for a more pure PAC-MAN and Galaga experience, the original arcade games are also available.

PAC-MAN & Galaga DIMENSIONS also include the brand new PAC-MAN Tilt and Galaga 3D IMPACT, designed specifically for the Nintendo 3DS system. Players will be able to literally tilt PAC-MAN’s world from side to side in order to solve devious environmental puzzles and sneak past roaming enemies. GALAGA 3D IMPACT immerses players into the role of a gunner on a space ship against an all-out war with the dreaded Galaga aliens. Players can use the 3DS system’s gyroscope to maneuver their perspective within the seat of the turret to aim and shoot enemies as the Galaga armada try to lay siege against the human race.

PAC-MAN & Galaga DIMENSIONS will be available this summer for the Nintendo 3DS system.

Also, be sure to visit, a continuously expanding network of user-generated PAC-MAN mazes to create and play. Keep track of personal and global stats including ghosts eaten, mazes created and mazes completed as you chomp your way through an ever-growing number of user-created PAC-MAN mazes.
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