Get ready to enter those friends codes for the Wii version of Guitar Hero III

by: John -
More On: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
A little mix up in an interview but Red Octane sent the guys over at Pro-G the confirmation that the Wii version of Guitar Hero III will have online play. It won't have downloadable content... yet but things could change. I've seen some people who are saying that it's no big deal to not have DLC or online play for the Wii, which to me seems pretty two-faced as if this was mentioned for any other system there would be an uproar, I'm happy to see that they aren't crippling the Wii version as far as online play is concerned. I don't buy the excuse that there's no built in storage system capable of handling downloadable songs on the Wii  as some others have suggested because technically, the Core version of the Xbox 360 doesn't have an HDD either but you can add storage to both machines.
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