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Get ready for Max! Invading your home through Netflix on PS3 very soon

by: Nathan -
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Netflix streaming on demand is probably one of the greatest things to ever happen to TV and Movies in my opinion. I find myself watching less live TV, and more through services like Hulu Plus and Netflix. Every time I hear about updates to Netflix on demand I get really excited.

So, everyone, meet Max. Max is a new way to find new TV shows and movies through Netflix in a simple and fun way. 
It seems to play like a DVD gameshow of sorts where you can answer certain questions, and he will recommend titles for you. As Max gets to know you, he can automatically offer movies and TV shows to you without the need for asking questions. 

Hope you cleaned up for your house for your new guest because Max arrives today on PS3 and in the US only, so keep an eye out for any Netflix updates. 

I love Netflix and use it almost everyday. While I like the idea of Max, this execution looks a bit iffy. I really hope Max doesn't turn into an automatic pop up of sorts like "Are you still watching...." which annoys the hell out of me. I'm watching the TV show aren't I? why would you think I wouldn't be watching it? I do like the gameshow presentation of it, but the voice does sound like it could get obnoxious after a bit. Either way I'll hold off on any harsh judgments until I start playing around with Max.... and that didn't sound too good.