Get ready! Dreadball is almost here!

by: Nathan -
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Dreadball the futuristic sports game is a few weeks away from its release and we have an unboxing video for you showing the final product and what you will get in your standard retail copy of the game. 

For those who may not know, Dreadball started as a Kickstarer back in September.

They asked for just $20,000 so that the game could become a reality. It ended with $728,985. Pretty impressive! While you get two teams in your boxed copy the team is using the extra funds to create additional teams that players can purchase separately to expand their game. This allowed allowed the team to create additional MVP's each with their own unique abilities that players can add to their team to give them an advantage. The extra funds were also used to create additional pitches for the game. The quadrant zero arena is specifically for the hobists which will allow players to create and color their own stadiums for the game. The co-prosperity park arena is made of full color, custom cut acrylic and looks VERY sexy. It also includes removable parts that will allow players to remove and add in personalized markers for each team. 

Finally, if anyone wants to see Dreadball in action the guys at Mantic games gave released a video giving an example of how rush's work.

Dreadball is shaping up to be an amazing game and there are already expansion packs such as "Season 2" and "Season 3" which will bring new teams and wildcards to the game. Dreadball can be pre-ordered from Mantic games official website and will be released in a few weeks.
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