Get owned by devlopers of PuzzleQuest: Galactrix tonight on Xbox Live

by: Chuck -
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If you want to play the developer of Puzzle Quest:Galactrix, tonight is your chance as they'll be online and taking challenges from gamers around the world on Xbox Live.  The following people will be available to beat you down tonight on the service as well as take questions while they are mopping the floor with you:

  • Steve Fawkner - SirianKnight = CEO, Creative Lead (on Galactrix)
  • Rhiannon Jones - deathbyfurballs = Assistant Producer
  • Rhiannon McLachlan - ashalind = Artist
  • Brendan Seabrook MitfordOnline = Gameplay Programmer
  • Andrew Castenmiller - Andgoo = DS Programmer (on Galactrix)
  • Ian Gielen - Haggis McHaggis = Gameplay Programmer
  • Paula Nguyen - faithless01 = Assistant Producer (on Galactrix)
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