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Games can help get you get fit as this article in USA Today talked about last year when Natalie Henry of Columbus, Ohio danced her way to weight loss in Dance Dance Revolution. Konami is taking it a step further by providing a 30 day pass to participating 24 Hour Fitness in their DDR Extreme 2 and DDR Ultramix 3 Bundle packs.
Konami Digital Entertainment and 24 Hour Fitness Join Forces to Bring the Health Benefits of Dance Dance Revolution(R) to People Nationwide; In First of Its Kind Partnership, DDR to Become Featured Activity in 24 Hour Fitness Kids Clubs Nationwide

  DDR Extreme 2(TM) and DDR Ultramix 3(R) Bundle Packs to Include Coupon for 30 Day Free Trial at All Participating 24 Hour Fitness Locations  

Konami Digital Entertainment - America, a division of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., today announced a promotional partnership with 24 Hour Fitness that will help kids and adults nationwide get in shape, while having fun. As part of the promotion, 24 Hour Fitness will add the excitement of Dance Dance Revolution(R) to their Kids' Clubs. Additionally, Konami will package a coupon for a 30 day pass to any participating 24 Hour Fitness within its bundle packs of Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME 2(TM) for the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system and Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix(R) 3 for the Xbox(R) video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. The coupon will initially appear with the launch of DDR EXTREME 2(TM) at the end of September and will be valid through the end of March 2006. The Xbox version hits stores in November, offering gamers a second chance to tryout a 30 day membership at a 24 Hour Fitness facility.

"Bringing the health and fitness benefits of DDR to 24 Hour Fitness is an unbeatable combination in helping kids and adults stay in shape while having fun," said Clara Gilbert, Director of Business Partnerships at Konami Digital Entertainment - America. "By placing DDR in 24 Hour Fitness locations we strive to help kids and adults achieve their fitness goals in an unintimidating and fun way."

Since first introduced to North American video game consoles in 2001, Dance Dance Revolution(R) has sold over three million units across all platforms. DDR has created a fitness phenomenon that has received a tremendous amount of recognition for helping people of all ages lose weight and achieve better health. Each version of the game has a Workout Mode that allows users to track calories burned and monitor their own fitness regiment. DDR has truly created a new trend in gaming that takes players off of the couch and away from the joystick. DDR has recently been introduced into the physical fitness curriculum in multiple school districts throughout the United States. Additionally, DDR is a valuable tool used in numerous research studies on fighting childhood obesity.

24 Hour Fitness will utilize DDR at new club grand openings and will promote DDR and its workout benefits to all employees and members. With this partnership, 24 Hour Fitness and Konami are bringing a new and exciting way for individuals to lose weight and stay in shape. DDR has made a huge splash in personal fitness at home and now it's going to expose even more individuals to its health benefits at 24 Hour Fitness locations across the nation.

About Dance Dance Revolution

The original arcade game made its debut in Japan in October 1998 and quickly became the number-one gaming craze in the country. The first game console version of the game was released in Japan in April 1999 for the PlayStation(R) game console and sold more than 3 million units cumulatively. DDR hit the U.S. arcades that next year, and in March 2001, Konami introduced Dance Dance Revolution(R) for the PlayStation game console, which developed a massive fan base. Subsequent releases in the U.S. include Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix and Dance Dance Revolution KONAMIX(R), released for the PlayStation game console, DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution(R), DDRMAX2 Dance Dance Revolution and Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME(TM) released for the PlayStation 2, and Dance Dance Revolution ULTRAMIX(R) and Dance Dance Revolution ULTRAMIX(R) 2, released for the Xbox. In January 2005, cumulative worldwide sales of the Dance Dance Revolution(R) series had exceeded 7.5 million units.

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