Get a napkin before reading - Gyromancer released today

by: Chad -
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Why do you need a napkin?  There are two reasons:  (1) you are a casual gamer and will drool over what Gyromancer has to offer or (2) you are someone who acts like they don't enjoy casual games but is lying and will drool over what Gyromancer has to offer.

Square Enix and PopCap games delivered their love-child to the world today.  You can pick it up on XBLA (1200 points) and Steam ($15). Instead of passing out cigars they have decided to release more screen shots and a new game play video. 

Once you've gazed upon the media offerings you can use the aforementioned napkin to clean the drool from your chin and desk.


Developer: Square Enix / PopCap Games
Publisher: Square Enix
Genre: Puzzle RPG
Platform: XBLA, PC
Price: 1200 Points (XBLA) / $14.99 (Steam)
Rating: T (teen)

Summon mystical and almighty monsters to defeat your enemies by way of puzzle in the immersive Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC title, Gyromancer. This addictive and deeply strategic puzzle RPG offers huge replay value with its deep and engrossing storyline, multifaceted leveling system and 50 plus monsters to call upon during battle. In its first joint project with Square Enix, PopCap Games—widely known for the popular puzzle game Bejeweled—perfected the game’s intricate puzzle aspects. This fusion of puzzle and RPG is sure to satisfy all players.

Players assume the role of Rivel, a summoner who ventures through the enchanted Aldemona Wood. Each stage contains its own objectives, from defeating beasts that block the player’s way, to solving puzzles before time runs out. Rivel can learn to summon dozens of the unique beasts he encounters, bending their power to his will and commanding them in battle. Hidden within each stage are a number of rewards earned for completing feats great and small. Finding them all won’t be easy. Are you up to the challenge?

· Assume the role of Rivel, a deadly mage, as he rids Aldemona Wood of a brooding darkness through over 10 compelling game stages
· Experience an all-new battle system based on the popular puzzle game Bejeweled Twist
· Command over 50 unique beasts! Powerful new beasts can be acquired as players gain levels in battle
· Search the map for items, coins and new beasts to join Rivel’s fight
· Participate in the online ranking system to register high scores
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