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Are you itching to get more details about TERA, the MMO coming from En Masse?  You've got it!  A recently released trailer for TERA shows off a bunch of different enemies and a few in-game locations.  You just have to suffer through some campy Halloween themed drama.  Yeah, the "spooky" is in quotes because there isn't anything scary at all except for a random picture of a rooster thrown in at the end of the video.  What's that about?

Additionally, the official site for TERA recently received a massive overhaul.  There's even a developer blog that you can follow for updated posts about how everything is coming together.  TERA is scheduled for release sometime next year so stay tuned for more details.

En Masse TERA-izes Halloween with New Monsters and Ghoulish “Get TERA-ized” Trailer

In keeping with this spooky time of year, the ghoulish team at En Masse takes the opportunity to carve out some more details on its innovative Action MMO TERA by spotlighting gruesome monsters, our newly re-VAMPed website, and a chilling new TERA game trailer that celebrates both the season and the game.


What Halloween would be complete without an assortment of ghouls, wraiths, and other denizens of darkness all set in the eerie environment appropriately titled “Halloween Town?” Our batch of scary new screens features a collection of new TERA monsters to fit the season’s theme, selected from the over 600 creatures in the game. These include blood-sucking vampirs, evil jesters, troubling yet playful sanguine moppets, and other creepy creatures.

Spine-tingling “Get TERA-ized” Trailer

Who doesn’t like a good monster movie? We put together a "MMOnstrous" video for your viewing pleasure. Without giving anything away, we think you’ll enjoy it.

Revamped Website

If you haven’t visited in a while, you’re in for a treat (no tricks, we promise).

We’ve spent the last couple of months rebuilding the entire site from scratch to make it a great all-around experience. We’ve launched a blog where our developers, producers, writers, and community folks can share our thoughts and keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest. We’ve also expanded our lore section and made some updates, and will continue to expand the ever-growing story behind the world of TERA. Lastly, we’ve reorganized the screenshot and video section and will be adding more to this section in the coming weeks.

TERA is currently under development by Bluehole Studio, in partnership with En Masse Entertainment for release in North America and Frogster for release in Europe in 2011. We will continue to share more TERA details in the coming months, but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy your Halloween!
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