Get Hands-On Access to Beaterator Two Weeks Early

by: Chad -
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Are you heading to the 2009 MTV VMAs?  If so, you'll have the chance to get some play time with Beaterator, Rockstar's upcoming music game for PSP.  The game is set to be released on September 29th, but if you get to the House of Hype on the weekend of the VMAs (September 13th) you can play it first. 

To get your inner musician ready, check out the video below.  Jason, Rockstar's "typical teenager," gets to show off how the drum and song crafting in Beaterator works.  It looks like it will be awesome for aspiring DJs or a great time waster for everyone else. 

Today we are happy to announce the Beaterator Lounge at the House of Hype during the weekend of the 2009 MTV VMAs, allowing guests exclusive hands-on access to Beaterator before its September 29 launch on the PSP. Check out the official press release below and in the attached for the all the details and the full schedule.
To commemorate this event, we’re happy to present Beaterator Sessions: Jason – a new video showcasing Beaterator’s unique music-making toolset and accessibility. In this video, Jason – a typical teenager and aspiring drummer and musician – spends some time showing off Beaterator’s drum and song crafting capabilities with a few of his friends. As Jason shows you, with only a few button presses and an ear for what sounds cool, you can easily make professional-sounding beats and songs in minutes. 
Beaterator releases September 29 on PSP and this fall on the iPhone/iPod touch.
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