Get Blur insanely cheap this week

by: Jeremy -
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Cyril and I reviewed Blur for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 recently and both of us were pretty happy with the game. It is a great game and there is a lot of fun to be had with Bizarre Creation’s powerup up spin on the racing genre. If you are even remotely interested in picking up the game, this is the week to do so. Why you ask? Well, for a couple of reasons. First off, both Best Buy and K-Mart are offering the game for $39.99 this week, which by itself is a great price. The deal gets even better though...

Activision is running a promotion right now through an official website which will net you a coupon for $20 off of your purchase of the game. Heads up though, they do require you to install one of those annoying coupon printer add-ons in order to access the coupon. Some people really avoid those things at all costs. Blur is an absolute steal for $19.99, there is no reason not to buy it.

I also read over at CheapAssGamer that Best Buy Reward Zone members also have a $10 off coupon for the game in their recent coupon mailings. Granted, the retailer is likely going to deny you the ability to use both coupons... but if you get lucky and they do, you would be netting the game for $9.99 brand new.
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