Germinator will infect the PSN this March

by: Jeremy -
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Creat Studios, the developers behind the enjoyable Labyrinth Legends, are back again with another PlayStation Network exclusive title in the form of Germinator.  The colorful puzzle game will make its way to the service on March 5.

Germinator is a bubble-pop-style puzzle game, challenging you to take out different colored germs before the reach the top of the screen. The twist here is that the different germs have different properties that can be manipulated to help you clear them all out. You will have to manipulate their different weaknesses to the clear the screen before it is too late.

The game features a full story mode, a ton of puzzle levels, and frantic local multiplayer. It will be available in just a few short weeks on the PlayStation 3 and will hit the Vita very, very soon. Stay tuned for our review of the game soon...

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