Gerbil-fuelled demolition explodes onto Xbox 360

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The box art sold me on posting this news item for Gerbil Physics.  It ends up being its own introduction and does better than any whimsical statement I could create.  Check it out:

After you've feasted on that bad boy for a few minutes, you might start to wonder what you can do in the game.  Basically, there are structures made up of gerbils that you have to destroy.  Your arsenal includes bombs, ropes and "disintegrators."  There are 24 levels, wipe-out medals, and even Iron Gerbils. 

The real reason to take note of Gerbil Physics is that it's only 80 MS Points on Xbox Live Marketplace. Take a look at the video below. The game was actually released earlier this month.  If it strikes your fancy, click here to buy it or to download the demo.

Gerbil Physics

Game Title: Gerbil Physics
Strapline: Gerbil-fuelled demolition fun!
Genre: Physics-based Puzzle Game
Price: 80 MS points
Developer: Pencel Games
Platforms: Xbox Indie Games
Release Date: Available now

Buildings formed of gerbils await destruction for your amusement using a variety of demolition tools. Use bombs, ropes and disintegrators across multiple levels of gerbil mayhem including the 'terrifying' Iron Gerbils. No gerbils were hurt during the making of this game, although some will undoubtedly have fun in the playing of it! Gerbil Physics is the most fun you can have with gerbils whilst still being legal.

• 24 gerbil-packed levels across green hills, icy mountains and sun-baked beaches.
• Multiple demolition tools to bring the gerbil houses down.
• Introducing the ‘terrifying’ and ‘awe inspiring’ Iron Gerbils (well, terrifying-ish).
• Powerful physics engine ensures that gerbils respond to your carefully planted explosives exactly as real gerbils might.
• ‘Wipeout’ medals are awarded for clearing levels with style and/or panache.
• Awesome soundtrack.
• Remarkably priced at only one US dollar or 80 Microsoft Points.

About Pencel Games
Pencel Games are a London-based team comprised of three game developers focused on making unique and compelling games. Founded in mid 2007, their previous release Horn Swaggle Islands (the world’s foremost pirate-themed tower defence Xbox Indie game) received critical acclaim. Learn more by visiting
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