Georgia Tech shows off some interesting hand held gaming using Tegra, even use Skittles as weapons

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I've been waiting for a phone to use the Tegra chip for a while now as many others. It looks like the Zune HD will get it first but what can it do? Well over at Engadget, they have a video of an interesting game that's been done using a Tegra device. The handheld prototype used in the video has a 800x600 screen and is used to view a flat piece of paper which holds a map of a city. Looking through the device, it shows a fully 3D rendering of a city which can be viewed from any angle. Whether you crouch low into the city or up high you'll see a correct 3D perspective of the city projected onto the paper print out.

Sounds good so far right? Well zombies are pretty hot these days in the gaming world so the people at Georgia Tech have made a game where you are in a helicopter flying over the city and you shoot the zombies. There are citizens trying to reach the center which is a portal to safety so protect the uninfected while killing the walking dead. You tap the screen and shoot where the crosshairs are placed so as you see in the video the person is walking around the table and around the piece of paper trying to find the zombies to kill on his Tegra device. Need some more weapons? Well grab some Skittles and lay them down on the map and shoot them to activate them. Yeah, use that crazy hard shell candy to kill zombies. Pretty slick!

You can see the power of the Tegra chip in producing a very good 3D image on the screen as well as running at a full 30FPS constantly while the person moves around the table. It's a great proof of concept and it just makes me want a Tegra based phone even more. While what I saw at CES this year first hand of Tegra was prettty cool, the video below really is something to behold.

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