General British Walks you through Tabula Rasa

by: Chuck -
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Randy and I are both semi-fans of Tabula Rasa, the new MMO by legendary Game Designer Richard Garriott (Randy was even quoted on Kotaku).  I use the phrase semi-fans because while we like the game we're not really sure how well the game is going to do when it's released.  There are a lot of cool things about the game (like the spawning system and the not-Fantasy setting) but we're holding off final judgment until the game is released.

If you want a little more info on the game, the folks at NC Soft have released a video narrated by Mr. Garriott that gives you an over view of he game.  Gametrailers has taken the video and chunked it into three parts (the second two are after the jump).  So sit back and open a frosty one and enjoy.
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