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Are you a NVIDIA card owner and wanting a one stop shop area for all things NVIDIA? Want to know what the best configuration of a game is for your GPU? Well, look no further as today, NVIDIA is launching encompasses three ideals. First is that the website will help you choose in game settings to achieve the best performance and image quality for the GPU in your machine. While it might seem easy to change the visual settings for maximum performance and quality, it’s not easy for a good majority of the people out there.

You can select the GPU from a drop down or have the web site detect your current GPU. It won’t check any other components such as CPU but that might come in at a later date. Once detected, you can selected an initial list of 17 games that will present you with the ideal settings in 3 different resolutions. At the bottom, it will show you the average frame rate you should get based on a certain configuration that NVIDIA has tested. You can also change the GPU to see if you did update your card, what performance settings you can set in order to achieve the optimum level of for gaming. From there, you can adjust the settings as you see fit based on your computer configuration.

It’s a nice little tool to let people know what they should be choosing in the settings for some of the hottest games today. I hope that one day, it can generate a config file or integrate directly with the game to automatically set the settings through the website.

Second, a listing of content will be available for Geforce owners so you can check out what games, demos, screensavers, or other software is out there to use with your GeForce card. You can even break it down by features such as PhysX, 3D Vision, or DirectX 11 support. Another nice thing as well is that you can virtually see what a surround setup looks like in a game if you have three monitors or if you’re just curious to what it would be.

Finally, a large community setup will be there so owners can all converse about their cards and help others in need. NVIDIA”s also got a community manager coming in to help everyone out. Just think of him as the Major Nelson for NVIDIA. The forums are also migrating to and all the current content will be retained.

The other sites such as SLI Zone and nZone will still be there but they’ll slowly be phased out so that will be the main site to go to. There seems to be some good options for GeForce owners here and I’m looking forward to see how the site grows and offers up more content in the future.
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