Gears of War 3 in Russian

by: John -
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So you want some Gears of War 3 information? Well, you're going to have to read the translation by forum members from a Russian magazine. AllGamesBeta has images to the article so if you can read Russian, knock yourself out.

Be warned as there are some spoiler information and a character with Dom that I'm sure will get Chuck all in a rage. For what its worth, there seems to be some good improvements coming to the gameplay but I am worried about the fact they are reducing the difficulty of the game. I thought the first Gears was harder than the second one and I didn't have any problems finishing the second one other than a minor struggle with that one Locust with the staff.

So, before E3 rolls around, you can learn more on Gears of War 3 from the magazine. Let's hope it's a good finish to the series.

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