Gears 3 beta: April it is

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It’s official, Epic and Microsoft will run the Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta this April. While the exact dates have yet to be announced, a plethora of details and information was released yesterday about the planned experience.

The beta will kick off sometime in mid-April, with the specific dates to be announced later. Players in the beta test will have access to three different Versus modes which will be spread across four maps. Interested gamers have a chance to help shape the beta by voting for 2 of the 4 maps at the official Gears of War Facebook page. The choices are made from the following choices:
  • Overpass
  • Old Town
  • Mercy
  • Trenches
The voting for the maps will run through February 28. In addition to the maps selected by the voting public, the beta will include the new maps Stadium and Supermarket. As for the modes included in the beta, you will be seeing:
  • King of the Hill- classic King of the Hill gameplay with a moving “hill”
  • Capture the Leader- each team will either capture or hold the opposing team’s leader, who is a playable character with the ability to see through walls and coordinate plans for their team
  • Team Deathmatch- classic deathmatch gameplay with a catch, only 15 respawns per team
Players who participate in the beta program will be able to unlock content in the retail version of the game, including the classic Golden Lancer and Cole’s Thrashball uniform costume. Sound good?

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