Gear up a little early for MechWarrior Tactics

by: Jeremy -
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Yesterday we headed you in the direction of a head start for Sins of a Dark Age. Today, we are going to do the same for Roadhouse Interactive and ACRONYM Games’ MechWarrior Tactics. The multiplayer, turn-based strategy game is headed to browsers later this year, but we’re going to get you into the beta before it becomes publicly available.

Just like yesterday, interested gamers can take one of the following codes, register an account on the game’s official website, and redeem one of the following codes.

Have fun!
  • D8Z7V696TWY67ZDD
  • D8Z7VB76NQMZV69E
  • D8Z75Q8G57DT2EKS
  • D8Z7EVKL94A3GU8K
  • D8Z799FSG96GU5BV
  • D8Z79MX95YH394YP

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