GeForce Experience 1.8 released

by: John -
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A new version of the GeForce Experience is now available bringing the version to 1.8. This new version adds some nice features for the very cool ShadowPlay option.

While it doesn't have Twitch support yet, ShadowPlay will now allow recording of your voice along with the game audio. This should go a way into those doing the Let's Play videos and want to provide commentary. Windows 7 users will now be able to record 20 minutes and not be limited to one 3.8GB file. I can't wait for Twitch support to be put in though.

There's also new adjustable optimal playable settings now so you can set whether you want a more playable experience or a higher quality experience. It's a nice and easy way to optimize the settings of the game to run at its best on your configuration. 

There are some nice updates to GeForce Experience and it's great to see NVIDIA continuing to improve a pretty good piece of software for NVIDIA owners.

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