GamingNexus at PAX 2009

by: Chuck -
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GamingNexus is headed to Seattle for PAX tomorrow night (well just Cyril and I).  For those who will be making the trip to the show and have tickets (they sold out yesterday so you're Tango Sierra if you wanted to buy at the door) this is just a reminder that I'm doing a panel on game reviews with a few other folks on Sunday from 4-5 in the Raven Theatre.

The panel has changed a bit since it was originally announced due to a few real life issues coming up with some of the panelists.   Myself, Chris Paladino from Promethium Marketing, and Nicholas Puleo from Co-Optimus are still there and we'll be joined by Scott Jones from Crispy Gamer as well as Anthony Burch from Destructoid

I'm pretty stoked to be on a panel with these guys and I'm also pretty stoked that we're the last panel of the show.  I'd like to think of us as being the grand finale of the show but I'm guessing it's due to our late panel submission than anything else. 

I'll also be spending some time at the Microsoft booth at the top of the fourth floor escalator on Saturday from 1-2 if you want to stop by and say hi.  I can't say what I'll be doing there yet but it will be worth your time to stop by then (or any other time during the show).
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