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Tomorrow's game between THE Ohio State University and Miami of Ohio has a little more meaning here as I graduated from OSU while Chuck Husemann graduated from Miami of Ohio. Not like it's hard to graduate from Miami of Ohio but that's neither here nor there. I took NCAA Football 2006 and simulated the game with six minute quarters. So did OSU blow out the Redhawks? Click on the Full News to find out.
The Redhawks go on a eleven play drive to open the game and score on a TD, converting three third and 12+ for a first down. The beginning didn't bode well for the highly ranked Buckeyes.

Redhawks try a fake punt in the first quarter but it costs them as the kicker is tackled and that leads to an easy OSU TD to tie the game. Being the big underdogs, they were looking to try some trickery to put a dagger into the hearts of the OSU football team.

It didn't look like Miami needed any trickery as the Redhawks passing game just makes OSU’s secondary look like swiss cheese as they rack up 229 yards and 2 TDs in the first half.

OSU’s offense is just horrible in the first half as Zwick throws an INT right before the half and only has 45 yards passing. They don't score again in the first half as a big upset seems to be brewing.

At the half, the Redhawks total 206 yards while the Bucks have 67 total yards and are down by 10 in the first half

The Bucks had the Redhawks at their 9 in the middle of the third but a personal foul on the bucks gives the Hawks 15 more yards. A deflected pass lands into the hands of the Redhawks wide receiver in the first play of their 3rd quarter. It seemed nothing can go wrong for the Redhawks offense and they looked to continue their barrage from the first half. Luckily, the drive stalls later on and they are forced to punt.

A big 36 yard run gets the Bucks going in the third quarter followed up by a 40 yard TD run as they back within 3 with a minute left in the third. The Redhawks were driving to what looked like another TD before the third ends when the QB is sacked and fumbles it away.

At 3rd and 13, Ted Ginn Jr. makes a clutch 20 yard catch for the first down at the beginning of the fourth. It leads to OSU’s third rushing TD to pull ahead 21 - 17.

The defense turns it up in the fourth stopping the Redhawks' passing game and intercepting a crucial pass with 2.21. The Buckeyes run out the clock to finish the game.

The final score ends up 21-17 Buckeyes. Ohio State had trouble stopping the Redhawk’s passing game while the Redhawks couldn’t contain OSU’s running game. The final offensive tallies were 283 total yards for the Redhawks and 287 total yards for the Buckeyes. They really turned it on in the second half to make up the 139 yard difference. It was close and we’ll see how the real game ends up tomorrow.
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