Gaming Hoarders Contest Winner!

by: Ben Berry -
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Everyone has a dirty habit they're uncomfortable with the idea of sharing. Some people chew their finger nails, heck some probably chew their toenails. But how we keep our gaming consoles is something I didn't think people would be embarrassed to share. It turns out, that the messes people keep in front of their TV's is something they wouldn't mind sharing. 

It turns out that people are just as protective of their dirty gaming secrets. I wound up with several entries that asked not to be displayed, and some of them were well, beyond gross. I have never seen a controller actually encased in pizza sauce before. But I told those who asked not to have their photos shared that the rules stated we have to be able to display them in order to win.

In the end, I wound up with 3 pretty good submissions.

3rd place: How do you put your keyboard in your lap? Buy one of those lap desks? Nope, how about a big piece of styrofoam.
2nd place: every console for the last 15 years all within one 3 x 3 foot area.
1st place: In true Hoarders style, Mike L keeps his gaming consoles and games in giant storage bins. That's the kind of mess we're talking about here. And that's the kind of mess that deserves a Level Up Gaming Storage Tower.

Thanks to Level Up and Max Borges agency for the great prize.

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