Gaming Gibs for 9/8/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while learning to differentiate my Spocks:
  • Spore won't work on Macbooks made before 2007, take that Mac guy
  • Stephen Colbert latest person to shoot their DNA into space, this promotion is still a bit on the creepy side
  • Home impressions posted, still a lot of bare cupboards online
  • Check out the Rock Band 2 cymbals in their new ad, doesn't look too bad
  • Force Unleashed still not coming to the PC, may not be a bad thing as early reviews have not been kind
  • Chainsaw coming to Castle Crashers, hopefully a patch soon as well
  • Will Wright knows which side of the bread his toast is buttered
  • Chatpad hacked to work with the PSP, have to wonder if new Sony keyboard will do the same
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