Gaming Gibs for 9/30/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while realizing how small we compared to the rest of the universe:
  • Top five video game apocalypses revealed, Jack Thompson not involved in any of them
  • More DRM fun, no we really don't need it...blah blah blah
  • Not surprisingly playing Portal on a 150" screen is as awesome as it sounds
  • Molyneux is a game designer and not a PR person, hopefully that's more accurate this time around
  • Capcom responds to internet DLC troll, results are expected.  God I hate people
  • Motorstorm:Pacific Ridge still looking good
  • Houser's likely to stay with Take Two, especially after the giant money trucks leave the bank
  • You can get the Suffering for free, another overlooked semi-decent game.
  • RPS talks about the top ten things  all PC games should have, kind of mixes technical with game design
  • Microsoft totally not going to close Lionhead or Rare, seriously  you can so trust Microsoft not to close them
  • Top educational video games from the 80's listed, not sure how Zork is #9 as I learned about Grues from the game
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