Gaming Gibs for 9/22/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while reading about the best/worse sci-fi movies of all time:
  • Is the US election a game?  If so where's the cheat code for better candidates?
  • Here's a cheap way to get people to buy crappy 360 games, hey it worked for Airbender.
  • Want to create a quick game in XNA?  Check out these directions on creating your own Space Invaders clone, lawyers not included
  • Infocom's sales charts revealed, original Zork FTW
  • 1Up looks at the rise and fall of Japan's gaming market
  • 64 bit version of Crysis Warhead in development, should excite the three people running the 64 bit version of Vista successfully
  • Yarr, as if third party software sales for the Wii weren't bad enough
  • Mass Effect movie in the works, hopefully they cut out the elevator scenes
  • Warhammer Online evangelized although by a biased party
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