Gaming Gibs for 9/17/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while realizing this protest at my alma mater was not nearly as fun as the snowball rebellion of '92:
  • Of course EA knows how to launch MMO's in Europe, it's land wars in Asia that give EA problems
  • Age of Conan game director quits because he's "dissatisfied" with the game, most people usually stay and fix them quitter
  • PC is the secret weapon for Guitar Hero:World Tour, weird seeing MIDI used in a context that doesn't involve the 1990's
  • The Analog Gamer talks about the progression of Star Wars board games and Lucas creating synergies between them and their video game counterparts
  • Peter Moore continues to gush about stuff, slams Rare and talks about how the hard drive killed the Xbox
  • Rage will not be limited by Xbox 360 hardware, continue to go about ignoring the game for now
  • Sell Mortimer Sell! Game stocks crashing along with the rest of the stock market.
  • Antec to release one of the weirdest looking cases ever....I'm intrigued
  • Castle Crashers sells 250K units, congrats to the Behemoth, you guys deserve it
  • The Gray Fox Rap released, I'm still waiting for the Mario techno album
  • Resistance Retribution interview posted, time for me to re-charge the batteries on the PSP
  • People asked about Banjo Kazooie:Nuts and Bolts, they answered...try to get excited folks it's a Rare game...oh wait
  • Having problems with Siren:Blood Curse?  Tips straight from the dev team
  • Fable II solves the Han Solo problem, still working on the Chewbacca defense
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