Gaming Gibs for 9/12/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while wondering if NIN is going to make the switch to a Mac:
  • I for one welcome our new guitar playing robot masters
  • Capcom is officially out of the exclusive game although I think if the right sized money truck showed up...
  • Resistance:Fall of Man 2 is almost done...still stoked for this one
  • Spore, great game that's getting killed by idiotic policies...c'mon new EA I want to love you but you keep kicking us in the nuts
  • Novint adds F.E.A.R to it's list of AAA titles, cool technology I just hope they can find an audience
  • Pre-order Multiwinia and get Darwinia for free, that's all kinds of a good deal
  • Set the DVR's, Duke is going to be on GT.TV tonight, I'm too burned out on the game to even take a cheap shot here
  • For those of you who are still playing Wii Fit, here's a guide on how to cheat at the game
  • Richard Garriott must have some naked pics of NC Soft execs stashed somewhere
  • Bad reviews made Kane and Lynch developers all emo
  • Castle Crashers design layed out in detail
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