Gaming Gibs for 8/28/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while tracking down the parts for my own :
  • Gamers are now doping for World Cyber's time to start testing for Red Bull and Cheetos
  • Lowest rated player in Madden 09 to play this week, it's still pre-season though
  • Video games cut into exercise time, once again people get paid for this kind of analysis
  • MTV talks to people  at Silicon Knights not named Denis Dyack
  • Old people tend to believe the "video games made me do it" argument more than others, also like prune juice more
  • Novint posts pictures of the "sweat shop" they are using to put together pistol grips
  • Full Throttle remembered, loved
  • Gearbox may do the next Halo game, try to care
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