Gaming Gibs for 8/20/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while trying to figure out how to drug John and give him this haircut:
  • 360Sync has the Duke Nukem 3D achievements, might be the last time you see those words "Duke Nukem" and "achievement" used in the same sentence
  • Nvidia doesn't think consoles are a threat to PC gaming, no this isn't an article from 2001
  • Xbox 360 sells out in Japan, snow ball fight breaks out in hell
  • The Analog Gamer continues to prattle on about the Star Wars pen and paper game
  • Nintendo enters full CYA mode over their lackluster E3 performance
  • Habs fans get excited about NHL 09 as they get to relive the glory years
  • Valve talks about the new levels in the TF2 patch
  • What game boxes would look like with developer credits on them.  Good idea but we need to find a balance folks
  • Need help unlocking challenge rooms in Bionic Commander:Re-armed, Capcom shows you how to unlock them
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