Gaming Gibs for 7/31/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while wondering if I could sell John on the black market to buy an original tie-fighter:
  • War Hammer Online PC specs revealed, Randy cries
  • Epic thinking about casual games, hell starts to freeze over
  • iPhone is the Wii of mobile gaming?  Not really, Apple knows how to get them out in quantity
  • Xbox Live dominated by Americans (children)
  • AIAS president says game reviewers are lazy, I'd respond but I don't feel like it
  • Jeremy Clarkson coming to GT5 Prologue today, splendid
  • We know, we know...used games are killing the industry
  • Portal expansion is not coming to PSN, I'm still not disappointed by this
  • Indie developers are not happy with Microsoft
  • Bourne game rights go back to Ludlum entertainment, too bad High Moon studios didn't go with them
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