Gaming Gibs for 5/5/2008

by: Chuck -
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After a bit of a break (I was trying to answer one of the greatest questions in Sci-fi) here are a few things I missed while celebrating Wolfenstein 3-D's birthday:
  • Variety continues to call out the concept of the exclusive review, now with all kinds of quoty goodness
  • Echochrome is going to be getting a lot of cool, free content on an ongoing basis.  I really need to get the PS3 back from Dan..
  • The Street Fighter Tribute art book can now be pre-ordered
  • Jeremy Clarkson gets it, may be the only person over 40 who gets Grand Theft Auto IV
  • Apparently a lot of people are buying THQ's Nickolodeon titles
  • More reasons why the Xbox 360 isn't going to get a Blu Ray player
  • The role of PR in the blogosphere is discussed, Tom Ohle FTW
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