Gaming Gibs for 4/9/2009

by: Chuck -
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Rick Nash is God Here are a few things I missed while watching the Columbus Blue Jackets qualify for their first playoff race:
  • Midway to run completely out of money by June, corporate dirt unveiled
  • If you want to play Fatal Frame IV you're probably going to have to import it
  • Wii Motion Plus to be ignored by hard core gamers starting in July
  • Sony closing officially unofficial Euro blog to open new EU blog
  • New Fable 2 DLC will probably link to Fable 3, try to be surprised
  • CAG helps you save ducats on games with new price tracking system
  • Wii "unhealthy" in Japan, probably here in the US soon
  • Young males starting to abandon prime time TV for games (probably realizing that Kate will never be killed on Lost)
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