Gaming Gibs for 4/7/2009

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while checking out the new NIN iPhone application:
  • The Cut Scene has a nice two part chat with the folks at Bioware about Mass Effect 2
  • MTV talks about the new power fusion feature in Marvel Alliance 2
  • The Escapist talks about the highs and lows of Xbox 360 achievements
  • The new PSP rumor still has legs, and now two thumbsticks
  • Real Time Worlds will pay OT if you work it, nice change compared to other development shops
  • Gamers get crafty, explore their sugary side (no, the cake is not a lie)
  • Wii manufacturing costs down 45%, Nintendo now really making a lot of money on the Wii
  • PlayTV gets more cool PS3 PVR features, still not coming to the US any time soon
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