Gaming Gibs for 3/20/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while wondering what other surgical items I have lying around the house:
  • Apparently game writers aren't all they are cracked up to be, especially compared to game designers.
  • LittleBigPlanet reaches alpha, this makes me happy for so many reasons.
  • Gamestop predicts a PS3 price cut, it's the only thing you can't pre-order at the store
  • LucasArts says current games aren't really next gen/you can't comprehend the power of the force
  • The Bully (360) patch isn't out but we should get a status update today
  • The most essential influential JRPG's listed, 300 hours of cut-scenes between them
  • If you bought a Xbox 360 HD DVD player from Best Buy you're getting $50.  Can buy at least two Blu Ray movies with that
  • Eighty people dressed up as video game characters for a world record, way too many Mario's
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