Gaming Gibs for 3/14/2006 (Pi day edition)

by: Chuck -
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Here are the items I missed while trying to acquire Ashley Alexandra Dupre's MySpace page:
  • Do we really need a way to make PC case lights flash with the games?  Nvidia does apparently.
  • The next version of Windows is due out in 2010, shouldn't they fix Vista first?
  • Wired thinks Sonic must die, or at least get a new developer.  I don't think there's much of a counter-argument here.
  • WiiWare developers think XBLA games are crap, there's a lesson about people in glass houses here somewhere.
  • A time suck explained...GameSetWatch looks at the evolution of World of Warcraft.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV has days, I guess this means everyone drives slower on Sundays.
  • VH1talks with Trip guys remember him right?
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