Gaming Gibs for 10/16/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while watching Kenley get shafted on Project Runway:
  • OK, so someone likes new Max Payne movie...oh and say hi to your mother for me
  • New Game On talks about LEGO Batman, and other games.  It's from that OTHER Sines
  • Wil Wright shares his thoughts on DRM
  • Co-Optimus goes hands on with Fable II, kind of almost convinces me that I'm going to have to pick the game up
  • Dell has a sale, Xbox 360's now very, very cheap
  • Star Dock alters Gamer Bill of Rights, ask you to pray that they don't alter it further
  • Left 4 Dead pre-sale on now, save 10% you cheap bastards
  • Volition talks about cool things you should do in Saints Row 2, creating evil Wendy clone not on the list
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