Gametrailers TV looking at Lucasarts

by: Sean Colleli -
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With Lucasarts having a nostalgia party over the last month, reissuing old games on Steam and the Wii Virtual Console, Gametrailers has decided to take a closer look. They're also doing an exclusive announce on Lucasarts' new original IP, which I hope is neither Star Wars nor Indiana Jones. Gametrailers will be covering some other Lucasarts projects, yes, the Star Wars and Indiana Jones stuff that no one cares about, including the DLC for Force Unleashed, the Clone Wars Republic Heroes title that's perplexingly coming to consoles besides the Wii, and Lego Indiana Jones 2, which I'm still not sure how they're doing story-wise.

After games like Force Unleashed and Staff of Kings I'm having a pretty hard time getting interested in anything with Lucas stamped on it, but hopefully this new IP harkens back to the crazy adventure game days of Full Throttle and Grim Fandango, or at least the Star Wars days of Tie Fighter and Dark Forces. The trailer is below, and yes I'm aware that man I sound old.

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