Gamestop won't take brand new games for trade-in

by: John -
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We got this email from a reader when he tried to take back his brand new unopened games as a trade-in to a Gamestop.

I got a few games from my parents that I wanted to trade in. I never played them and they were unopened but it was too late to take them back to the store. So, I figured I'd just go to the Gamestop and trade it in for a controller for my Wii. I had two games and propped them up to the counter. The person behind said that they can't take them. I asked why not. He replied by saying it's company policy not to take unopened games. I then asked if they took them if I opened them right then and there. To which he replied no and that I have to wait 24 hours before I can trade them in. Weird huh?

Weird indeed. Out of curiosity I tried to do this myself and indeed they wouldn't take them. Anyone else experience this?
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