Gamestop still tinkering around with Loyalty Program

by: Dan -
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An inquiry sent out recently hints that Gamestop is still looking at creating a two-tiered loyalty program and may be in the final stages. According to the questions, the program would have both a free and a paid component, with the paid benefits including:

• 10% Off Previously Owned games and accessories for one year
• 10% Bonus Trade-in credit for one year
• 10% off strategy guides for one year
• 12-month subscription to Game Informer Magazine

The three names being considered are:

• GameStop PowerUp Rewards Plus
• GameStop PowerUp Rewards eLeet
• GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro

Personally, a program like this might make sense if the yearly cost is minimal. A 12-issue subscription without discounts to Game Informer is $19.99, so I would guess that the program would need to come in around the $10-$15 range in order to convey value for those that sign up.  I am curious to everyone's thoughts on the names being considered and the benefits of the program?
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