Gamestop selling DLC in stores.. why?

by: John -
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How apt would you be at browsing a Gamestop and be inclined to purchase a DLC there only to have to go home an wait for it to download on your machine? Gamestop thinks you might. So, how is ths more convenient than just booting up the console or browsing it on your web browser and purchasing it that way?

Even if I was at the store and thought that I would love to have that DLC, my natural reaction would be to go home and grab it from there. It's not like my console is on all the time for me to have it start a download while I am away. It feels like Gamestop's really reaching here in trying to get a piece of the digital distribution pie.

Imagine if Microsoft or Sony produced an application for your smartphone where you could just do it anytime, anywhere. Then what would Gamestop do? You might be able to do that now just by browsing to the company's website but that would be a little slow. I think they need to rethink this as I really don't see how this will benefit the customer.
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