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Gamestop outs 360 Dreamcast Collection

by: Jeremy -
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Technically this should be filed as a rumor right now, but it appears as if Sega is planning on taking some or all of the recently released (and upcoming) Dreamcast releases on the XBLA and PSN and bundling them into a retail package. Gamestop has recently posted a listing for a Dreamcast Collection with a shipping date of February, 15, 2011. The listing is only appearing for the Xbox 360 and is marked with a price tag of $29.99

By the time that February rolls around, Sega will have at least four titles available for such a package, those being Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, Sega Bass Fishing, and Space Channel 5 Part 2. The $30 price tag isn’t a bad starting point for all 4 of those games, but hopefully Sega can and will add more to the deal.

Source: Segabits