Gamestop offering Sin & Punishment 2 Bonus

by: Jeremy -
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I got a little email this morning reminding me that Sin & Punishment 2 would soon be launching for the Nintendo Wii. That email, from Gamestop, also let me know that preordering the game from them would net me a free 500 Nintendo point gift card. Didn’t I get this same message a couple of months back?

So yeah, Nintendo and Gamestop are teaming up once again to promote one of the Big N’s new games and the “big preorder bonus” is a 500 Nintendo point card. The companies ran the same promotion for Monster Hunter Tri which launched last month. If Nintendo is trying to compete with the other mainstream titles who are offering various bonuses with the preorders, they are going to have to step up their game. Don’t get me wrong, 500 free points to spend on the shop channel is nice, in theory, but that will get old after a while. I would like to see Nintendo offering a little bit more, perhaps going the route of in game bonuses like many other companies.

Nonetheless, free is free... and 500 Nintendo points are free if you preorder Sin & Punishment 2 from Gamestop.
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