Gamestop hosts Singularity sweepstakes, free trip to Comic Con at stake

by: Randy -
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SingularityWhat do GameStop, this summer's Comic Con, and publisher Activision's Singularity have in common?  Absolutely nothing.  But GameStop is indeed hosting a sweepstakes to send someone on an all-expenses paid trip to Comic Con International: San Diego 2009 (July 22-24, 2009) for an exclusive first-to-play event for Singularity

In case you don't remember what Singularity is all about, it's the first-person shooter that equips you with a "Time Manipulation Device" that will allow you to rewind time on an enemy -- which will send the bad guy back into a placental state before dying an an anemic puddle of embryonic fluid.

Utterly disgusting.  Thoroughly intriguing.

Plus, if you visit the Singularity website and register (you have to be 18 or older), you can take the "MIR-12" quiz, be one of the first 500 to finish the Singularity experiential interactive game, and win a poster.
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