Gamestop cancels midnight launches for Assassins Creed 3 in the North East

by: Nathan -
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I just want to send out a bulletin for any of my fellow North East gamers. Gamestop has canceled midnight launches for Assassins Creed 3 tonight due to the horrible storm that is bearing down on us right now. As always be sure to call your local Gamestop to know exactly what their plans are for the storm as some stores will not be opening back up until the storm passes. 

A gamestop spokeperson had this to say about the situation

"Our top priority is the safety of our employees and customers. In compliance with directives issued by state and local authorities, stores in the path of the storm will remain closed until it is safe to re-open and midnight openings for Assassin's Creed III have been cancelled in the northeast. Customers should check with their local stores for details on when we will re-open."

As of right now my house is shaking like an earthquake is going on and leaves are blowing all over the place. Be sure to keep your gaming devises fully charged as thousands of power outages have been reported as well.

Most importantly... PLEASE STAY SAFE! 
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