Gamestop buys, it's not an early April Fools day joke

by: Chuck -
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In one of the more interesting examples of gaming M&A the folks at Gamestop purchased digital distributor Impulse from Stardock.  The move gives the retailer an amazingly solid foothold in the digital distribution world and clears Stardock to focus back on creating games (like Galactic Civilization 3)

In an eloquent letter to it's fanbase the folks at Stardock assure their current customers that their service will not be interrupted in the least bit and that Stardock will continue to be involved in the maintenance and growth of the service. 

It's going to be interesting to see what Gamestop does with the service as it's not hard to imagine a lot of exclusives and DLC offers being only available through Impulse.  Hell I would gather that we'll see the Gamestop/Game Informer discount information pushed onto the service which will help drive customers there as well.

My last thought about the move is that it proves once and for all that PC gaming isn't dead.  You don't see a major retailer like Gamestop making this kind of investment unless they believe in the platform and the product.
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